Real wood veneer

What is wood veneer?

Veneers are sheets of wood in thickness 0,4 to 5 mm. Veneers are cut from the log by sawing, slicing or peeling. The sheets are then glued onto a board, such as particleboard, MDF board or plywood.

Veneer is one of the most beautiful things that can be made from wood. Back in history, only royalties and rich people could afford veneered furniture.

Texture, unique for each three

Each tree and each wood species have unique features, such as growing figures, pins or changing color variations. All these depend on wood specie and growth features.

Typical of real wood, these growth features contribute greatly to the character of a veneered piece of furniture.

Made in Sweden

Spliced veneers since 1972 in all species that the customer wishes.

We generally offer urea type glue veneer jointing.

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